Our story

TRM Heating Cables was founded by Jeff Cade in 2001. He established the company based on his 25 years of experience in the snow melting, heat tracing and MI cable industry.

What are our roots?

Prior to TRM, Jeff spent years travelling the globe promoting the virtues of MI cable to engineers, contractors, and end users. He was fortunate enough to work closely with several experts in designing and manufacturing a wide range of MI cable products, including copper heating cables, stainless steel high temperature cables, and our most commonly known application of fire-rated wiring MI cables.

In the very early days, TRM established a successful relationship in the snow melting market with Kremco, otherwise known as “The Heating Cable Guys.” Kremco’s installation expertise and specialized knowledge of snow melting, MI cables, and system performance dates back to the early 1970’s. Kremco had a need for a secure supply of MI heating cables, and TRM became their supplier. As an industry leader, Kremco supported TRM by assisting with engineering approval, and began what was an exponential installation list using TRM’s MI copper snow melting cables.

In 2004, the owner of Kremco stepped away from the business due to personal reasons. Jeff was able to assist and over the course of the next few months, a deal was struck to bring Kremco into the TRM brand. From that day on, with the history of Kremco’s site experience, and the ability to build on what Jeff had started with MI cables, a very unique business model was created. TRM quickly became the first all-in-one manufacturer, designer, supplier, supporter, and even installer of MI heating cable systems.

As market needs changed, new product technologies became available, and customer applications developed, TRM was able to meet demand by adding a complete range of heating cable products to its portfolio.

Who are we now?

Over the last 20 years, the TRM team has grown to include site electricians, cable manufacturers, designers and, most recently, sales and customer service support, with years of industry experience. Our motto has always been to provide the right product, for the right application, at the right price. We take pride in designing and supplying virtually any heat trace product for our customers, including self-regulating cables, constant wattage cables, floor warming cables, mats and membrane systems, to name a few.

Our core market is Ontario, Canada, but we have recently expanded, with distribution and rep partners, OEM’s and reps in parts of the US, and related partners across the globe, including Europe, the UK, and Asia. We are proud of how far we’ve come, and we are fully prepared to support each of our clients. Whether through simple supply requests or full site supportincluding installations, where requiredwe are ready for the challenge!