Frost heave occurs when a water-saturated substrate freezes and expands, which places considerable stress forces on any materials located directly above. When left unchecked, this uncontrolled upward movement of the substrate will eventual lead to costly structural failures of the slab material and may damage the above structure.

A TRM frost heave prevention system consists of:
  • Heating cables
  • Control systems and sensors
  • Components and accessories

TRM can help prevent frost heave from occurring before it starts by partnering with engineers and consultants during the construction phase. We can otherwise help ensure the issue never happens again by designing a retrofit system for an existing space.

By installing TRM heating cables within the slab, either in a sand bed or by running them within embedded conduits, we can generate just enough warmth to neutralize the effect of extreme cold temperatures from above and prevent any frost from forming below the slab structure.

Some common areas where frost heave prevention systems are installed:
  • Cold storage freezers
  • Cryogenic tanks (above or below ground)
  • Food storage freezers

Our qualified team at TRM can help you assess and design a frost heave prevention system, including controls and sensors, that will meet and exceed your expectations.

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