TRM interior floor-warming thermostats offer a range of features- from essential manual operation to programmable touch-screen devices with remote Wi-Fi interface capabilities. These controls come with integral GFCI protection and a 15’ floor sensor probe, and they are expandable if large coverage areas are required, using the TRM interior floor-warming relay.


Introducing the TRM-FH Gold, a technologically advanced floor heating thermostat offering seamless remote accessibility through the OJ Microline® WiFi LED touch interface.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced floor or ambient temperature control for precise heating regulation.
  • Integrated Class A GFCI for enhanced safety and protection.
  • User-friendly backlit display for clear and convenient visibility.
  • Includes a 15-foot floor sensor for accurate temperature monitoring.
  • Second output capability for controlling auxiliary heating systems.
  • Specially designed to safeguard engineered wood flooring.
  • Backed by a comprehensive 3-year warranty for added peace of mind.

With secure data transmission via TLS 1.3 encryption and support for the robust WPA3 protocol, users can confidently manage their heating system from anywhere. 

This thermostat allows for versatile connectivity, including direct Bluetooth® control and cloud access, while the intuitive installation wizard ensures effortless setup and customization of temperature settings and floor protection features, providing optimal control and efficiency for any heating setup.


The TRM-FH-Silver touch screen thermostat takes underfloor heating control to new levels. Its modern design and intuitive interface ensure seamless control of your floor heating system, find out what your feet have been missing.

Key Features:

  • 3.5″ Touch Screen: A clear, colour touch screen offers effortless programming and control of your floor heating system.
  • Intuitive Control: Seamlessly navigate functions for ultimate user-friendliness.
  • Programmable: Customize your heating schedule to suit your lifestyle and preferences.
  • Built-in Wizard: Guided setup ensures hassle-free installation and configuration.
  • Energy Log: Keep tabs on power consumption with a comprehensive energy log.

Experience customizable control, seamless programming, and luxurious warmth with the TRM-FH-Silver thermostat.


The TRM-FH-Bronze non-programmable thermostat is an intuitive, manual floor heating control with a clean modern design, meticulously crafted for hassle-free installation. The thermostat takes care of your electric underfloor heating needs.


  • Intuitive Manual Control
  • Floor & Room Temperature Sensors
  • Back-Lit Display

Additionally, you can benefit from a range of advances including integrated GFCI protection, power consumption tracking, precise floor or ambient temperature control, floor temperature protection, flexible temperature setpoints, a real-time clock, and the convenience of secondary relay control if needed.

With the TRM-FH-Bronze accessible energy log, you can keep track of energy usage spanning the last seven days. And since the thermostat is designed to accommodate tile, stone, laminate, concrete, and engineered wooden floors, you have the flexibility to choose between three distinct control modes:

  • Ambient temperatures with floor protection (laminate or tile)
  • Floor temperature with floor protection (laminate or tile)
  • Ambient temperature without floor protection

 Other floor heating thermostats models available. Contact our expert team for more information.

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