Monthly Spotlight

This month’s spotlight is focused on our commercial manager, Ryan Gomez. For over 11 years, Ryan has been assisting TRM clients with the design, quotation, installation, and maintenance of their heating systems. 

Starting off supporting our field services team, he quickly learned the basic principles of cable construction and site preparation, before being promoted to TRM’s Commercial Manager position. Working one-on-one with engineering clients, and consultants, Ryan looks to provide innovative, reliable solutions, even when faced with the most challenging requests. If you are managing a commercial project that includes snow melting, heat tracing, or floor heating, you are likely to work with Ryan at one stage or another, as he now heads up our design and engineering services team as part of his role. 

In the early years of his career with TRM, Ryan worked with our sister companies to design heating cables for centralized solar plant hyperbolic troughs and cooling lines. Over the years, he has been involved in many large construction projects throughout Toronto that have allowed him to show off his diverse skill set. Some of the most memorable were the University of Toronto, Great Blue Heron Casino, Ice Condos I & II, and Pearson Airport Hangar Reconstruction.  

Ryan’s passion for teamwork, organizational skills, and constant thirst for knowledge has allowed him to grow and flourish with the company, making him an invaluable part of our team.

In his spare time, Ryan enjoys spending time out in nature with his family and hopes to pursue his passion for writing and publishing a novel in the future.