Monthly Spotlight

At TRM, we believe in nurturing partnerships that mirror our vision and dedication to providing solid service. Our partnership with JSA highlights these values perfectly. 

Since joining forces with us in September 2020, JSA has been instrumental in reshaping the landscape of electrical heating solutions in northern Ontario. JSA’s commitment to developing strong ties with water purification contractors has helped establish the regional presence of TRM’s in-pipe potable water systems. JSA has also focused on cultivating partnerships with distribution allies and engaging directly with industrial and commercial engineers, ensuring future specifications are done correctly using TRM materials. 

JSA Northern Sales are a driving force behind innovative electrical solutions in Northern Ontario. Comprising the talented trio of Jules Loiselle, Steve Stanton, and Janet Stanton, JSA has established itself incredibly well in the industry. Their hard work and dedication to providing great service have fostered strong relationships with electrical contractors, distributors, and electrical specifiers in the region. 

With a commitment to excellence and a shared vision for the electrical industry’s future, TRM is proud to highlight the contributions JSA Northern Sales have made. Together, we are raising the standards and crafting new possibilities for our clients across Northern Ontario.